Project Execution Services

Project Execution Services

We are distinguished in the Masar Alryadah by having a global model in portfolio and project management according to the methodology of the Global Project Management Institute, including the presence of an executive office to manage and operate portfolios and projects centrally, which works to achieve project objectives effectively and efficiently, and to submit periodic reports to the beneficiaries with support with dashboards.

Managing the entire project from the design stage to the operational stage (securing licenses - visual identity - architectural identity - websites and applications - building the project - building the project's supply chains) The identity file is supervised in cooperation with the Branding Department
Managing the design phase only (choosing the designer and following up on the implementation of the design and its outputs with the Department of Studies and Reference Comparisons)
Managing the project contractors and suppliers selection phase (building a weighting model and criteria for selecting contractors and suppliers - building a bidding and requesting proposals - inviting suppliers - evaluating offers - selecting suppliers and contractors - drafting contracts - signing contracts - following up on contractor and supplier performance - processing claims - closing contracts)
Managing the project implementation phase (building the project team – building the project management plan including the schedule, cash flows, quality and risk plan – follow-up and control – conducting periodic meetings – making recommendations and periodic reports – reviewing the project’s feasibility study periodically with the owner and shareholders – following up on project governance periodically through monthly meeting with sponsors and contributors)
Managing the final delivery phase of the project (preparing the project for launch by reviewing and testing the deliverables and ensuring their readiness - hiring the operating team - preparing for the opening - designing the launch marketing plan)

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