Project Operation Services

Project Operation Services

- Building strategic plans and supervising their implementation.
Marketing products and services (digital marketing with its various channels - marketing on the ground through road boards, radio, television and other various marketing channels) in coordination with the Marketing Services Department.
- Operation of facilities (supply chain management - sales management - full operation management).
Providing developmental consultancy (company structuring - building procedural systems and guides - building ERP resource management systems)
- Building a project management office (the office with the methodology of managing portfolios, programs, and projects with complete templates and forms and automating the entire system electronically).
- Building websites, stores, mobile applications and other technical services in coordination with the Information Technology Department.
Digital transformation services, data analysis applications and artificial intelligence in coordination with the Information Technology Department
- Building social media pages and building marketing content as well as advertising designs and others.
- Expand the business horizontally and vertically through the development of an integrated development plan.
- Building regulations and administrative procedures of all kinds.
- Job analysis, corporate restructuring and governance, with detailed job description cards.
- Building an internal audit department.
- Market research, marketing, etc. with the work of applied research studies for companies. Applied business.research
Business development and corporate work with local and international organizations in the same field.

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